What we're doing

We are undertaking an ambitious effort to put a city charter amendment on the November general election ballot. This requires 5 percent of registered voters in the City of Boulder to sign our petition in person. Contact info@legalizeboulder.org to arrange a meeting to sign.

Our charter amendment would prevent the city from excluding people from neighborhoods just because they are not a nuclear family.

Full text of the amendment

The City of Boulder shall not prohibit any group of people from maintaining residence in a dwelling unit where the same group would otherwise be permitted given different relationships among the residents.

Who we are

We are graduate students, teachers, food service workers, non-profit organizers, therapists, and other critical contributors to Boulder society.

We are Boulderites motivated to change Boulder's outdated laws that violate the freedom to share a home with chosen living partners.


Why we care

Some of us choose to share a home for financial or time-management reasons; we conserve resources by sharing.

Some of us find a sense of community in sharing a home with loved ones.


You can help


We need dozens of people to donate a couple hours a week, starting immediately, to collect signatures in person. There's lots of other work to do, too!

Tell a friend

Help spread the word about our efforts, and inform your friends about the problems occupancy limits impose.

Sign the petition

Add your name! Even if we don't get the issue on the ballot, our signatures send an important message.

Be part of the movement

Our team will contact you shortly to discuss how you can help.